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Facial Treatment

Explore our specialized facial treatment designed to address your every concern. We offer a range of non-surgical medical aesthetic procedures performed by experienced doctors who are dedicated to delivering the result you need.


Are you experiencing common facial concerns? Don't worry, we're here to assist you! Our team of experienced doctors specializes in addressing the top four facial treatment issues. Choose a concern to get started:

Treatment Results

At Kaiteki, we have confidence in our treatments and are dedicated to ensuring that you receive exceptional care and achieve outstanding results.

Why Choose Kaiteki?

LCP Certified Clinic

We are skin enthusiasts who appreciate beauty and skin health. We believe that everybody is beautiful and we want to empower everyone to find confidence and joy through beauty.

Experienced Doctors

Our dedicated team of professional doctors and friendly therapists will ensure that Kaiteki is indeed the place where you can truly relax, embrace yourself and feel at home.

Authorized Treatment Provider

We provide authorized treatment for Profhilo® | Rejuran® | Plinest®/Newest® | Juvederm ®Fillers | Botox® | Radiesse | Ellanse | Hydrodeluxe® Skinbooster | Restylane® Filler

Awards & Recognition

Facial Aesthetics Appreciation Award 2023 by Allergan Aesthetics

Facial Aesthetics Appreciation Award 2022 by Allergan Aesthetics

Rejuran® Elite Award 2022 by Rejuran Malaysia & Elogio Asia

Sylfirm X Silver Award 2022 by Elogio Asia

Profhilo® Platinum Award 2022 by Neoasia

Profhilo® Platinum Award 2021 by Neoasia

Recognition Award by Oralix Aesthetic

Certificate of Rejuran Expert by Pharma Research

We are also Authorized treatment provider for
Profhilo® | Rejuran® | Plinest®/Newest® | Juvederm ®Fillers | Botox® | Radiesse | Ellanse | Hydrodeluxe® Skinbooster | Restylane® Filler

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Why Our Client Loves Us?

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Non-Surgical Double Eyelid Creation

Around 50% of Asians are born with mono-lids. Are you one of them who wishes to get or enhance your double eyelids? Fred not, we have the right treatment to address your concern.

Treatment Available

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We are looking for talented people to join our rapidly growing team – people who are committed to excellence. If you have a passion for aesthetic & skin cosmetology with a desire to make a positive and meaningful impact, keep checking out this page or drop us your CV at

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