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Face Treatment

Dark Eye Circle

Tired of people saying you look tired? Are you suffering from panda eyes?

Your eyes are the windows to your soul. Most people are bothered with this problem as it makes them look weary and aged.

Dark eye circles are usually due to a few common causes like aging, genetics, allergies and lifestyle.

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Face Contour

We grew up watching film stars with their chiselled jawline, sharp nose, luscious lips, thinking that if we could have it all. Why do they appeal so much to us?

Well, a nicely contoured face is often in symmetry and harmony. Face contouring is to enhance and restore balance and proportions of the face, making your natural looks more attractive without changing much.

Our face will lose facial volume as we age due to the collagen and elastin depletion that serves as the pillars of support of our face. Beneath the surface of the skin, we have many different soft tissue components which will require different management. From tension relaxation, to collagen stimulation and contour rebalancing, our doctors can design a treatment that is tailor made to your face.

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After 25 years old, some aging features will be more prominent. Laughing lines, saggy cheeks, are not too desirable and if you’re concerned about these, then we have solutions for you ! Come explore anti aging solutions with us.

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Non-Surgical Double Eyelid Creation

Around 50% of Asians are born with mono-lids. Are you one of them who wishes to get or enhance your double eyelids? Fred not, we have the right treatment to address your concern.

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Wrinkles/ Fine lines

From the age of 25, fine lines start to form due to a decline of collagen production. Wrinkles can be divided into static and dynamic wrinkles. Wrinkles and fine lines are due to the facial muscle contractions and also when the skin loses the elasticity and starts to sag.

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